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Robert De Niro Will Host 9/11 Special
Robert De Niro will serve as host of a CBS special on the World Trade Center attack, which will include exclusive footage from inside the complex.

The two-hour program, "9/11," will air the night before the attack's six-month anniversary, at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 10. It's built around video shot by French filmmakers Gedeon and Jule Naudet, who were shooting a documentary on firefighters. They captured the only known footage of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center, which was widely seen.

After the second plane hit, they kept shooting _ even inside the buildings for a while as the rescue operation was under way. That footage has never been seen publicly.

De Niro is co-founder of the TriBeCa Film Center, located a few blocks from ground zero. The two-time Oscar winner's association with New York was one of the reasons he was selected as host.

"Robert De Niro is a quintessential New Yorker who has been instrumental in building up the TriBeCa neighborhood, in the very area of the city that was devastated by the Sept. 11 attacks," said Graydon Carter, the Vanity Fair editor who's helping to produce the project.