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New York WebVideo Rate Sheet

Streamies-those people who watch and listen to Internet audio and video-are among the most valuable demographics on the Web and are "worth their weight in gold." Studies state that -

Why over Newspaper Radio or Classified ads?

"It's the number one choice for people who advertise and want a low cost way of getting their message across. Dollar for dollar penny for penny, webvideo ads will reach more people than TV, Newspapers and radio combined. A survey showed that major TV ads have dropped their presale ads by 15% as a result of companies choosing Internet Ads. For a fraction of the cost you can have the same exposure as large companies do simply by placing a VideoAd on the Internet".

" Reach a larger audience than you could any other way.
" Give details and specs you can't in a newspaper classified.
" Your site is not enough. We get thousands of hits from Qualified buyers
" We promote your business directing traffic to your store
" One sale a month could pay for the cost of the whole ad
" Include a color photo and email link.
" Present photos or videos of your whole staff online
" Let them get a picture of whom, they are talking to.
" Update your listing as needed
" Build Customer Satisfaction (Build a higher CSI)
" Build Customer Confidence
" Get customer be-back confidence
" Consider a video commercial of your business and location
" Let your customers have a virtual tour of your store
" We have more to offer than most websites
" Video conferencing is also available
" We can do all this for less cost than our competitors
" You have little and or no competition in your category
" Be one of the top ten in our directory.

The average cost of a 30 second commercial druing Super Bowl was $2,500,000.00

We think we have a better way to spend your advertising dollars!

So what does it Cost me ?

  1. You get a line inserted on under one business category, your business name, phone number and address are included in the listing.
  2. "Optional and Extra Cost" We come to your place of business and set up professional lights, sound and shoot your video message with a Digital video camera.
  3. "Optional and Extra Cost" We assist you in writing your script.
  4. Your line insert directs you to your video page when customers click on it.
  5. Your video page not only contains your video, but also contains upto five lines of text, about your business
  6. "Optional and Extra Cost" We can professionally Direct your commercial, infomercial, or Industrial
  7. "Optional and Extra Cost"We professionally edit the tape to the specified length for webcasting
  8. We use a digital compression method to produce the video at lower frames per second.
  9. Compression at this rate creates an artistic effect on your movie and makes for a faster download.
  10. We then upload your video to the World Wide Web . You can then advertise it on your business cards, newspapers and or notify anyone around the world of your unique address.
  11. Customers who use our Directory will have access to your video files seven days a week 24hrs a day. Now that's what I call maximizing your DV advertising dollars. DV = Digital Video

Who is Media 4 Concepts LLC.

Media 4 Concepts LLC. Is a group of Venture Capitalist whom come up with ideas in maximizing the potential of the media on the Internet. M4C's, Video Production Company uses the latest technological breakthroughs in delivering video on demand over the Internet. M4C compresses video to satisfy the needs of the millions of viewers utilizing video play back. And to the majority of 28k and 56K bandwidth users. If you have DSL your access to our videos should be immediate.

Media 4 Concepts LLC owns and operates an entertainment news site. A sampling of their work can be found at

Can I shoot my own video?

Yes No and Maybe! Only if it was professionally shot, will we take a look, to see if we can use any of the footage. Since We have mastered the technique of shooting video for the web. The lighting, sound and the cameras settings must be adjusted to the right specifications, so your video can compress well enough to look good on the Internet.

Can I get a copy of the tape?

"Optional and Extra Cost" Yes! We will provide you with a digital copy on Mini DV format, most local cable companies prefer this format to copy onto their masters.

Choose the length of your Commercial from 30 seconds to 4 minutes special discounts past 5 minutes

Top Ten Rate Chart for Video Hosting Only

Prepaid Quarterly every 3 months

30 seconds

National name brand products






Corporate Videos
Non Name Brand Infomercials
Professional Services MD, Dr's, Phd's,
Non Profit Organizations
Movie Trailers and Personals Non Nudity
Trade outs Barter Non National Brands
Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal! Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Plus a non refundable Application and consultation fee of: $50.00 Reserves the right to Change prices at anytime without notice

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